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Multiple Auto Accident Videos and Dashcam Video Below


(Note: The car is an OKLAHOMA Highway Patrol vehicle in which a trooper was killed while responding to an accident call. He lost control and went broadside into a bridge column. He left behind a wife and I think one child. This happened, I think, up by Perry, Oklahoma.)  Despite the hit, no fire resulted.




Presented on this page are:



  Police Dashcam videos where cars on highway crash into officers on scene - 5 videos


  * Police Chase Rollover Ejection Death (Very graphic)


  The Scott Tegtmeyer Rollover crash


  My 2 Car Wreck Remains - both vehicles totaled, jaws of life utilized in 2nd crash, Camaro


  The most tragic Dashcam video I've ever seen - 2 teens running from police, hit by 18-wheeler


  Newer Ford Mustang rear ended on the freeway and burst into flames, killing the driver


  Drunk Versus Taser - lost count of how many times this drunk gets zapped


  Story of Jacqui, young college student nearly burnt to death after wreck with a drunk


  Great Public Service Announcement Video about wearing Seatbelts - very well done.


  Information on DVD Extreme  Crash Series with footage I shot


  Mini-Cooper and Toyota Tundra Versus Ford F-150 crash results photos - unbelievable


  Link to Bull Versus Taser Video, also on this site


  Yuppie Versus Malcom's Mom


 Pedestrian Hit Twice (Joe Black Movie)


 Police Interceptor Camaro versus BMW


  Plus more added each month... Page or scroll down to continue

* Police Chase - Wreck - Ejection - Death (R)

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The first crash video shown is where a Cadillac Escalade SUV ran a red light and struck me on my door, totaling both my Camaro and the Escalade and seriously damaging  2 other vehicles my car was thrown into.  The jaws were used to cut me out of what was left of the Camaro.  The second crash occurred first; a van with two people who were drinking ran a stop sign and hit me square on my door, breaking my pelvic bone in three spots.  That is in my video and after it (page down to see all) are the other media mentioned at the top of this page.  

INSTRUCTORS:  instant download of videos via my Information Request Page, click blue text to go there now: Information Request Page.

The DVD Extreme Crash Series will be available here in the next couple of months and will be done on a subscription basis from this site, allowing you to download full videos and utilize in your classrooms. 

All files are Windows Media Player Files - Media Player by Microsoft is a free download from site - for best performance play one video at a time, stopping the one you are on before you start the next one.  Also, on some you can right click on the video window, then left click Zoom- Show Full Screen and you will be able to view video full screen.  Might not be as clear as smaller windows.  When video finishes you'll return to web page.

Note: Ford Mustang Crash - From the DVD Extreme Crash Series a Mustang that had stalled on an 8 lane freeway in the fast lane, rear ended before he could even get out of the vehicle.  The car burst into flames.  I arrived as the fire department was extinguishing the inferno.  It appears at the bottom of this page. 


My Car Wrecks Video Footage - 2 totaled vehicles shown after crashes

2 of my cars appear in the above video - cars are shown here:

Steve Shep

Another Camaro before the one above was totaled. (No video of this one)

1997 Camaro with 7000 miles (six months old) got creamed in a car wreck in Dallas on 9/23/97. Totaled the '97 Camaro and got the '98  to replace it.



Code 3 Camaro Video

I have placed the full Code 3 Camaro video on a separate page.  You can go to that new page by holding your shift key down and clicking this link:

Code 3 Police Interceptor Z-28 Video Page

Most Tragic Wreck on Video?

Two teens who had stolen a lawn mower ran when a police officer tried to pull them over.  Rather than stop, they ran, right into the path of an 18-wheeler.  Both were killed instantly. This is the video:

Intense Wreck - Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk after PT Cruiser Runs Red Light


Dayton Police release dramatic video that shows an SUV landing on top of a pedestrian after a crash. It happened at West Third and Edwin C. Moses.

There are cameras at the intersection to catch red light runners. They show the victim walking in the cross walk when a car and an SUV crashed. The SUV then rolled over onto the pedestrian.

Police say it all started when the driver of a PT Cruiser ran a red light and slammed into the SUV.  At least one passerby witnessed the crash and called 9-1-1.  Police say the drivers got away with minor injuries.

But the pedestrian, 43-year-old Scott Tegtmeyer was critically injured.

Now, prosecutors are taking a close look at the video to determine what charges the driver of the PT Cruiser could face.  Investigators say analysis of the video has already revealed some crucial factors.  Police say the light had been red for 28 seconds when the PT Cruiser entered the intersection.  They say Tegtmeyer should not have been crossing the street at the time because the crosswalk signal was red.  Amazingly, investigators also say that the massive dent left on the side of the SUV, caused by the impact of the crash, created a hollow space that kept Tegtmeyer from being crushed to death as the vehicle rolled over him.


Tegtmeyer was listed in serious condition Monday night.

So far, no charges have been filed. 

The last I heard Mr. Tegtmeyer was going to be ok and would recover.


Accident Videos with Law Enforcement courtesy of the Highway Patrol

To follow are six crashes caught on dash cams.  If you are traveling on the freeway in a lane near the shoulder and a cop has someone pulled over, the law in most states now specifies that you need to reduce your speed to nearly half the normal speed (check your local state laws).  Unless you move over to the next lane (if possible) from the lane the officer is in, in which case you don't have to reduce your speed (again, check your states laws).  Because of idiot drunks and those that are unaware of the law, it is dangerous to slow down to half the posted speed on the freeway because you could be rear ended yourself, so the best advice is to move over a lane where you are not required to slow down.  I spoke to an officer once and he said the flashing lights are almost like a magnet for drunks - they tend to drive right at them.  Last night in Dallas a fire truck with its lights on was rear ended by a drunk.  The fire engine was there to protect the officers working a wreck.  Within 15 minutes another drunk rear ended that drunk at the same site.  It is unbelievable.  In Dallas now any accidents on the freeway require that a Dallas Fire Department Ladder truck park before the wreck to block the road.  Anyhow, here are 5 videos of those that did not slow down or change lanes and instead flew into the back of officers with vehicles pulled over on the freeway. 

NOTE: For larger video (sometimes) right click on any video window, left click on Zoom and then select "Full Screen" or "200%" to see larger version of the video or to view video full screen.  Having trouble with this so may or may not work.

Best Commercial About Seatbelts - Very Well Done

Vehicles with Highest Death Rate - Formerly the Camaro

The passenger car with the highest death rate? The tiny GEO Metro, not surprisingly, but the Pontiac Sunfire runs a close second. The passenger car with the lowest death rate is the Infinity J30, with the Dodge Caravan a close second. The Chevrolet Camaro previously had the highest death rate, and the Corvette held that title for a long time, but for some reason it has been omitted from the IIHS tables the past few years.  (Probably because those historically have been the fastest production cars available to the masses. SS) 

First Responder Extreme Crash Series

I am producing a video series on DVD and VHS that will be released shortly.  For a six month period I was doing a first responder test for some ideas, and utilizing a database that captured all major accident calls in Dallas, I began parking my vehicle in strategic positions in the City of Dallas.   This resulted in some amazing video footage.  Monitoring the Dallas Fire Department Website and a scanner that monitored both Dallas Police and Fire Department radio calls, I began responding to accident scenes of serious accidents and accidents requiring the jaws of life to remove victims.  Due to the strategic placement I was able to arrive either shortly before or simultaneously with emergency vehicles.  This resulted in some amazing footage that I shot as I arrived and documented both the scene and the extraction where the jaws of life were utilized.  I am currently editing this footage into a 3 DVD/VHS tape set that I will begin offering on my website.  I will charge a nominal price for these with a reduced amount when purchasing the whole set. Some of the things you will see in the tape are:


DWI Suspects: Multiple suspects undergoing Field Sobriety Tests and arrests after causing serious accidents.


Escape: Suspect who fled the scene leaving 5 vehicles crashed and the freeway shutdown.  Police officials gave me full access and I was able to document the entire scene.


Red light running suspect arrested after running a red light and hitting a small car broadside.  Jaws of life used to extract 3 women returning from Bible Study. (The entire extraction was filmed and appears plus the suspect being arrested. Marijuana and alcohol were found in the vehicle.)


New Black Mustang exploded after breaking down in fast lane of freeway and was rear-ended by a truck.  Young male did not have time to raise hood or trunk and was hit at 70.  I arrived and filmed the entire event beginning as the first fire truck was extinguishing the flames.  A witness gave a statement on camera to myself and network news cameras who arrived after I did. The extraction was filmed and the deceased being placed in the medical examiners vehicle. 


Last minute lane change rollover: Driver who was going to miss turn tried to change lane at last second and hit construction barrel, flipping his vehicle upside down.


DWI suspect never stopped at red light and rear ended vehicle in front of it at light, nearly killing the driver and flipping both vehicles.   Much, much more...

If you would be interested in ordering a copy of this video series and you would like to be notified when they are ready, use the Information Request Form (link located at the bottom of every page) to send in your e-mail address and once ready I will send you a hyperlink to the web page with complete details.

Sample Video from Extreme Crash Series - Ford Mustang Rear Ended - Burst into Flames Now Posted at bottom of page.

Get Your Own Copy of this Website - get all the photos, videos, software and music on the site with the Instant Download Option or order on DVD - runs on any version of Windows with Internet Explorer, with No Internet Connection required.  Free updates insures your copy is always current whenever my site changes with automated updates.  


Ordering Information

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Please Don't Drink And Drive! For your own sake and everyone else's

 Learn about Jacqui, the young lady featured at the end of my car wreck video:

Severely disfigured in a drunken driving crash four years ago, Jacqui is courageously lending her story and her face to a statewide anti-DWI campaign in Texas in hopes that her experience will deter people from drinking and driving. She is featured in television public service announcements, an educational video and print materials produced by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Austin Police Department. "Before and After" campaign materials can ordered from the Help Jacqui Fund.
See the Video by holding down your Shift key and clicking one of these links:

TV Spot (High Speed Internet)

TV Spot (Low Speed Internet)
Jacqui's photo before the crash
Early on Sunday morning September 19, 1999, Jacqui - then 20 years old - and four friends were on their way home from a birthday party. Reggie Stephey, an 18-year-old high school student, was on his way home from drinking beer with some buddies. On a dark road on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, Reggie's SUV veered into the Oldsmobile carrying Jacqui and the others. Two passengers in the car were killed at the scene and two were rescued.
Jacqui's photo after the crash

Within minutes, the car caught fire. Jacqui was pinned in the front seat on the passenger side. She was burned over 60% of her body; no one thought she could survive. But Jacqui lived. Her hands were so badly burned that all of her fingers had to be amputated. She lost her hair, her ears, her nose, her left eyelid and much of her vision. She has had more than 50 operations since the crash and has many more to go.

In June 2001 Reggie Stephey was convicted of two counts of intoxication manslaughter for the deaths of Jacqui's two friends. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined $20,000.

Jacqui's ordeal and her story in pictures are featured in an extensive account prepared by the Austin American Statesman and Jacqui's Story, a powerful PowerPoint presentation. See and hear what Jacqui and Reggie have to say about the incident that changed both of their lives.

Medical treatment for Jacqui's extensive injuries continues. She and her father, who has been by her side since the crash occurred, now live in Louisville, Kentucky where specialists are working with Jacqui to restore all her vision and the use of her hands. Thanks to surgeons who rebuilt the eyelid that she lost in the fire and the cornea transplant in 2003, Jacqui is now able to see out of her left eye.

In 2003 Jacqui completed her studies in intensive English and she is now able to speak and write in English. When she can, Jacqui continues to tell her story through news interviews and speak out against drunk driving.

Bring Jacqui into your school or college! 

Jacqui suffered massive injuries as a result of this accident and has had multiple, multiple operations.  Visit her site to learn more and to find out how to deliver her story to your classmates and faculty.   Her life story and what happened will impact all those that hear it.  Shift-click the following link:


Mustang Rear Ended and Burst Into Flames

After the Ford Pinto and the rear end explosions that killed quite a few people, Ford still seems to be having vehicle fire problems.   The video below was filmed by me in Dallas after a vehicle stalled on the freeway in the fast lane and was rear ended moments after stalling before he could get out.  His new Mustang burst into flames, tragically, killing the young driver.   Part of the Extreme Crash DVD Series I am working on currently.  Have a look:

Mini Cooper versus Ford F-150

Same Speed, Same Crash, Same Year Vehicle-Make Your Choice

Toyota Tundra versus Ford F-150

The appearance of the F-150 compared with the Tundra after the offset test provides a dramatic contrast, showing the very different performances of these vehicles' structures. The F-150's occupant compartment was destroyed, while the Tundra's doors still functioned.

Toyota Tundra action shot Ford F-150 action shot
Toyota Tundra post-crash Ford F-150 post-crash

TOYOTA TUNDRA: The space around the driver dummy was maintained well during the frontal offset crash test at 40 mph.

FORD F-150: The driver seat pitched forward while the instrument panel and steering column moved back. This severely compromised the driver space.

FAST Crash!  Suburban-type Vehicle Running From Police Rolls and Ejects Driver

Look at the final last roll of the vehicle.  Note how it almost rolls over and ends up on top of him but tips  back at the last second.  That is him on the ground to left of vehicle after being ejected.

Belligerent Drunk Introduced to a Stun Taser Multiple Times, or what I like to call,

Drunk versus Taser  (The cop tried hard to do it the easy way.)

After viewing this tape many times, I have come to the conclusion that the drunks strategy was

to try and run the officers batteries down and then launch an attack of biblical proportions.  


Pedestrian Struck Twice

(Don't freak out - scene from movie Joe Black, not real)

Yuppie Versus Malcolm's Mom

Police Crash Into Wall During Chase

Rough Landing

Multiple Life Sentences followed this persons capture...

Bait Car Psycho (Ok Who Forgot the Remote Kill Switch)

Wild Bull Versus Taser - See what happens, just click Animal Attack

Meet the real Jeremy, from Pearl Jams Song JEREMY (click photo below)

Also, choose from any of the links below for additional information at this site:

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